• We are a Los Angeles coalition of parents, educators, students, and community members working to improve access and advance opportunities in public education for all students so they thrive in the classroom, in their communities, and beyond.



  • Fully-funded, fully-staffed public education for all students, including support for neighborhood community schools
  • A democratic process and oversight for all schools that receive public funding to ensure student success, educator support, and parental/family involvement that includes each participant having a voice in the process
  • Uplifting high standards and expectations for students and educators, allowing them to fully participate in their educational lives
  • Advocating for highest-need students to receive the resources they need, which are also tailored to their community’s needs
  • Equally excellent educational opportunities and access for students of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, geographic areas, and special needs through innovation and collaborative learning



“What makes a great school is teachers who are there to support you, and students who want experiences outside of learning. My school is great because the teachers are supportive, helpful, and there for you any time. We create a bond with our teachers.”

Gisselle Reyes, a student at STEM Academy of Hollywood


“As a parent, your child’s well-being is everything. Not only is my son safe at his school, he’s also happy. He has had great teachers, especially his Special Education teachers. I keep in touch with them and ask questions to support his IEP (Individual Education Plan).”

Simone Newman-Sturdivant, a parent of a student at Daniel Webster Middle School in Mar Vista


“My favorite thing about teaching is that every day is different. It’s fun to wake up every day for something new, and it’s a great thing to work with kids.”

Radu Niculescu, a Math teacher at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz

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